This is the time a woman becomes a mother and a baby is welcomed to the world. 
It is also the time, that when a woman is cared for with respect, it can have a lasting effect on her, her baby, her family and the community. 

Maternity Choices Australia (formerly Maternity Coalition) was formed by committed and passionate individuals who believed that the services being offered, were not providing the care that women wanted or needed. 

We aim to see all women, no matter their circumstances have access to a number of maternity care choices that are based on respectful, women-centred care and are modelled and delivering care that is formed on best evidence. 


Maternity Choices Australia, formerly Maternity Coalition (MC) is a national consumer advocacy organisation committed to the advancement of best-practice maternity care for all Australian women and people accessing maternity services that don't identify as women, and their families. We bring together groups and individuals for effective lobbying, information sharing, networking and support.


MCA works to improve our maternity system so that it better meets the needs and choices of Australian women and people accessing maternity care services. We do this through consumer representation, consumer advocacy, education and support. 


The Association is a national (Australian) consumer advocacy organisation made up of individuals and groups who share a commitment to improving the care of women in pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. It is non-profit, non-political and non-sectarian.

The purposes are:
i. To advocate for women’s human rights as mothers and consumers positioned as the key stakeholder in maternity services;
ii. To have universal access to primary prevention through autonomous midwifery care in maternity services;
iii. To protect pregnancy and childbirth as a normal process;
iv. To promote dialogue between a woman and her carer, based on trust, reciprocity and respect for the expertise of both;
v. To promote consumer awareness of the options relating to issues during pregnancy, birth and the post-natal period;
vi. To promote and facilitate the participation of consumers at all levels of policy planning and decision making in the delivery of maternity services including at both political levels;
vii. To provide a forum for consumer groups and individuals in the maternity area so they may gain support and share information, skills and resources;
viii. The Association shall not directly or indirectly support any political party, religious creed, movement or organisation, except so far as shall be necessary for the attainment of the foregoing objectives.


Most of the images used across our site have been kindly donated by the photographers and families in the pictures.  In a time when birth is hidden from view and over-dramatised on television and movie screens, it is so important that expectant parents get the opportunity to see real birth and some of the many ways it can unfold, so we would like to extend our gratitude to the families in these pictures for their generosity in sharing these images.