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Carla Finch

Managing Director

I am Carla, small town girl from Coffs Harbour now calling the beautiful Gold Coast home. Mother, Wife, Exercise Physiologist, Doula and passionate maternity care advocate.

Since my own birth experience, all I want is to improve maternity care for others, this started by becoming a doula, and has led into consumer representation and advocacy work to ensure we change the system to support more women.

I am passionate and committed to ensuring women are given access high quality evidence based maternity care.

I am Managing Director of this wonderful organisation for the next year and look forward to working alongside my passionate team to increase awareness, launch educational maternity resources for new and expecting mothers, launch exciting new projects and continue to advocate for women in our maternity care sector.

If you are a mother yourself, know a mother, want to be a mother or are currently on the road to becoming a mother and want to see improvements in how we support pregnancy, birth and postpartum in Australia, please show your support and join us in making maternity care a safe and supported space.

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