*Please note VIC/ACT human rights charter are not as strong as QLD and other states do not have human rights act, only anti-discrimination acts.

1. Google: hospital name + 'complaint'

2. Keep a copy of what you’ve written and date sent

3. Forward to Senior Human Rights lawyer Matilda Alexander HERE at Legal Aid QLD

4. CC in Senior Human Rights lawyer Matilda Alexander at Legal Aid QLD

5. Edit suggested template on the right to suit


What happened -Qld is the only state not to have insurance for publicly funded homebirth. -I am being denied access to the best outcomes for myself and my baby (Homer 2019, Tuck-Davies 2018, Reitsma 2020)


How it made you feel -inhuman, lack of choice, coerced, not valued, degrading, treated like a child with no autonomy, risking my baby and my morbidity, fear, scared, unsupported, risk of poor outcomes associate with hospital birth


Qld Human rights 2019 violations -section 15.4 equity before the law as a low income family unable to afford private care to facilitate all places of birth -section 17.c coercion without full free and informed consent -section 37.1 access to health services without discrimination ie men can access evidence based medical care and section 37.2 access to health services in an emergency if hospital name forces me to birth alone without any medical support


Remedy -Apology for not providing it and info on booking and the stress incurred -MCA training on QHRA 2019 in maternity -writing to DG of QH asking for PFHB insurance to be added to insurance certificate -paying for private care

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