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Peta Tuck


I am Peta, a Brisbane Mum of 4, a birth Doula turned birth preparation coach, founder of the BetterBirth Program and I am extremely passionate about women's rights and choices for the pregnancy and birth. Like many Australian Women, I too have suffered from birth trauma at the hands of a system that just isn't set up to support women. After then experiencing 3 polar opposite birth experiences, I have made it my missions to ensure all women have choice in their maternity care and do not suffer from birth trauma.

I am thrilled (and a little nervous!) to have taken on the National Presidency role working along side the most amazing maternity consumer advocates. This next 12 months will see some big projects which i know will help to see change in our maternity system but we need your help....

We are a completely volunteer led, unfunded not for profit organisation that works tireless daily to create change and without our membership support it makes it just that bit we NEED YOU. We need members. We need your support. You can sign up to a yearly membership for less then your weekly coffee's and by doing that you are helping us create change in the Maternity System.

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