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It is important to us that you know your details will be kept confidential and that signing your name up to this form will mean that only your Full Name and Postal Address will be included in our emails to YOUR local MP for the purpose of letting them know that you, THEIR voter, supports the initiative that we are emailing them about.

This is a really simple way for us to add weight to the cause in a manner that will urge your MP to consider also supporting it.

Voter concerns are a language MPs will take more seriously and we greatly appreciate you adding your name to our list.

We will not share the details from this form outside of this. 


Another way to support our work is to become a member. Sign up is really easy and will allow you to attend our online general meetings and see what we're up to, get a chance to win our membership draw prizes and join us in our work if you're wanting to support us in that way.