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Draft a feedback email for your birth service

Thank you for your interest in our birth service feedback template!  It only takes around 15 minutes and will:

  • help you send your feedback to your birth service (you will receive a draft feedback email), and

  • help us advocate for better birth services for the mothers and babies of Australia.

  • Why should I send my feedback? How do you help me draft my feedback?
    New motherhood is a challenging time, and providing feedback about a birth can be a daunting task. But without this feedback, birth services are left to operate the way they always have. Our intention is to make it easier for women to send feedback - the good and the bad - to their birth service. Care providers rely on our feedback to design and build better services so your feedback will make a difference. It is only by coming together and making our voices heard that change is possible - to ensure better care for the mothers and babies of Australia. By clicking Submit at the end of the form, you will receive a draft feedback email in your inbox with relevant contacts to send your feedback to. ​ NOTE: This system relates to births in private or publicly funded birth services only (i.e., hospitals/birth centres) and NOT private midwifery care. Over 98% of women birth in the public or private system, which is the focus of our work.
  • How does my data help MCA advocate for better birth in Australia?
    The data​ you enter will play an important role in helping us advocate for better birth services for the mothers and babies of Australia. ​ Maternity Choices Australia (formerly Maternity Coalition) has been Australia's premier maternity service advocacy organisation for over 30 years. As volunteers and mothers, we advocate at the coalface of federal and state government to bring about our goal of "every woman, every choice". ​ Unfortunately, in spite of our efforts, we fail to see our maternity services give women access to the evidence-based, compassionate care they need and deserve. What goes unreported goes unnoticed. Birth trauma rates and medical interventions are rising steeply, yet we see no improvement to stillbirth rates. Who is benefitting from this system as it stands? Certainly not mothers and babies. ​ One of our biggest challenges as maternity service advocates is the lack of organised data from the hundreds of women we hear from every year. Government and birth services take little notice of the rafts of scientific evidence we continue to present, so the women's stories we share are largely ignored as well. ​ Something has to change. This is where your outcomes and experiences (all anonymised of course) will make a difference. We are grateful for the information you share with us. The privacy of your data is extremely important to us. Your name and email address will never be shared. You can read our privacy statement here.
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