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Was this care your preferred choice?
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What were/are your birth goals?
Did your carer/birth service support your birth goals?
Did your caregiver advise you of the risks to you/your baby that could arise from your choice of MODEL OF CARE and PLACE OF BIRTH?
Did your carer raise any of the following risks/concerns with you?
Were you given evidence-based, unbiased information about your care (ie, not just hospital policy or carer's usual practice)? (This is required for you to give informed consent.)
Did you choose to have your treatments/examinations/tests after receiving evidence-based, unbiased information?
Did you feel you could say No (and change your mind to your care choices) at all times?
Were you offered a range of options through your care, or just one choice for each decision?
Did any of the following occur without your infomed consent? (To give informed consent, you need to be given evidence-based, unbiased information that you were free to decline.)
Did you achieve your birth goals?
What were your birth outcomes?
What were your breastfeeding goals?
How did your maternity care make you feel?
Did you achieve your breastfeeding goals?
Your level of satisfaction with the serviceYour level of satisfaction with the service
Can you suggest improvements for the service?

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