Here are some example stories that are based on the many complaints we assist with each year...

Sophie's story - In Pregnancy

Sophie is pregnant with her first child. She has had a normal, healthy pregnancy but now at 36 weeks she has been told her baby is measuring larger than normal.  She is booked in to birth at her local public hospital under the care of a team of midwives, which is overseen by obstetricians if necessary (the standard of maternity care in Australia).  The midwife has suggested that she might want to consider being induced early so she can avoid delivering a “big” baby, especially as a first time mum.  Read more....

Jessica's story - In Labour

Jessica is at the hospital, in early labour with her second child.  Unfortunately her labour has stalled due to the journey from home to the hospital, then the long walk along brightly lit corridors to finally arrive in the birthing room.  After an hour or so of quietness, Jessica is finally starting to go back into active labour again, but a midwife enters the room and expresses concern that she is not progressing “as she should”... Read more.  

Lilly's story - After Birth

Lilly attended her hospital in labour at 41 weeks with her first child, and as she was unaware of her rights and the hospital made their recommendations sound like legal requirements, she agreed to their interventions, which unfortunately led to an unplanned caesarean section.  In the difficult weeks and months after her baby’s birth, recovering from the operation and trying to establish breastfeeding and motherhood, she starts to reflect on her experience... Read more.